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Rank the album openers


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Katsuki Bakugo

Just Dance - 6

Bad Romance - 2

Marry The Night -4

Aura - 1

Diamond Heart - 5

Alice - 3



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1) Marry The Night

2) Diamond Heart

3) Alice

4) Aura

5) Bad Romance

6) Just Dance

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1. Marry the Night 

2. Bad Romance 

3. Diamond Heart 

4. Aura

5. Just Dance 

6. Alice

Before there was love, there was silence
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Aura (great song, hype opener and best at introducing the themes of the album)

MTN (same as Aura but Aura gets the edge)

Diamond Heart (not as grand of an opener but does its job well)

Alice (good at introducing the album but it could’ve gone harder)

Bad Romance (amazing song but it doesn’t work as a thesis statement like the other tracks)

Just Dance (same problem as BR but it’s a weaker song)

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Diamond Heart

Bad Romance


Just Dance

Marry The Night


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