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Ancient wealth gap identified by archaeologists



At the town of Osłonki, in Poland, some people were buried with more valuable artefacts than others—including some of the first copper artefacts in Northern Europe. However, researchers were unsure whether this inequality in death translated into a wealth gap in life. 

Research results, published in the journal Antiquity, revealed that those buried with valuable beads and elaborate copper artefacts, do seem to have been wealthier in life as well as in death. Specifically, the isotopes indicate they likely had greater access to cattle from high-quality pastures.


This research suggests that a real wealth gap existed in this ancient community over 6,000 years ago. Further, as farming land is often inherited, it raises the possibility that this inequality was multi-generational. The researchers speculate that early arrivals at Osłonki may have been able to claim the best pastures, keeping them in the family.

“We have uncovered some of the earliest evidence for a direct link between social status and long-term diet in prehistoric Europe,” said lead author Dr Budd.


Source: https://www.heritagedaily.com/2020/08/archaeologists-identify-ancient-wealth-gap/134567

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The more we learn the more apparent to me that a vast majority of human suffering on this planet is directly related to CLASS

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It's a pretty accepted idea in the study of anthropology that with the invention of storage containers and the ability to stock up more and more on resources, food, etc, that disparities began to emerge and effectively established classes as certain groups of people had more and others got less.


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