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Tell The Story of Chromatica Through Your Lense

Mister G

I tagged this as funny because I thought this would be more fun if anything and I do apologize in advance if this is the 300th thread on the subject.

I figured, why not keep the group motivated while we all wait around for GAGA RADIO tonight. So with that being said, if you had to tell the story of Chromatica from your perspective how would you do so? Rearrange the tracklist to your liking and put yourself in Gaga’s 16” heels. What your manifesto of each chapter be? Here’s the thing; Chromatica I/Alice, Chromatica II/911 and Chromatica III/Sine From Above are all packaged deals and stay in the same spots. Everything else is fair game. 

Ready? Set? Terrible! I mean go :billie:

-Mister G


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