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New York Times Move Some Of Their Staffs Out Of Hong Kong


The New York Times is moving some staff out of Hong Kong due to a new security law imposed by China on the city, as both foreign and local media face increased uncertainty in the Asian financial hub. 

Some Times employees in Hong Kong "have faced challenges securing work permits," the paper reported Tuesday in an article detailing the decision to move some staff to Seoul, South Korea. "With the city facing a new era under tightened Chinese rule, Times editors determined they needed an additional base of operations in the region."

The move was announced as Hong Kong lost its special trading status with the United States, after Washington deemed the city to be no longer sufficiently autonomous from China due to the new security law.

In announcing that it would move  its Asia digital news operation — roughly one third of its staff in Hong Kong — to Seoul, the Times said the security law meant it was "prudent to make contingency plans and begin to diversify our editing staff around the region."





The beginning of the end for HK :(


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I cry for the free people of hongkong. And i am afraid its going to happen too here in the Philippines. 


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