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SFA x Manifesto of Mother Monster


There's been a lot of discussion about what on Earth Gaga was on about when she spoke to Zane Lowe about Sine From Above and appeared to have believed in a sound wave-related creation of the universe for a long time. I just saw a line from the Manifesto of Mother Monster as someone's bio quote and so I looked it up for a shot of nostalgia; the following lines seem to have a connection to the "split in two" piece of the song and larger theological theory. Take a look:

But on that same day, as the eternal mother hovered in the multiverse
Another more terrifying birth took place... the birth of evil
And as she herself split into two, rotating in agony between two ultimate forces
The pendulum of choice began its dance
It seems easy, you imagine
To gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good
But she wondered, "How can I protect something so perfect without evil?"


Don't Call Me Gaga
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Gaga has had a huge fascination with the concept of two opposing but balancing forces throughout her whole career. The Fame and the Fame Monster. Lady and Gaga. Her two forms competing in the Tudor watch ad. Gaga's line in AHS about how we have two selves: the one the world wants us to be, and the shadow.

It reminds me of a thread I made a while ago:


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That song really is her magnum opus :bradley: especially lyrically 

I can see the line 'Then the signal split in two, the sound created stars like me and you' in biology, religion and history books at school :bradley::bradley::bradley:

I've been getting messages from my deep waters


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It’s amazing looking back how she seemed to have a solid idea and concept of her entire career. Well at least the first half. I know people talk about how LG5 original should have been released instead of Joanne but why was Joanne such a shock? Maybe the aesthetic of it changed some along with the sound, but the subject matter was kinda foretold in the manifesto before this one?

manifesto of little monsters:

When you're

I'll be lonely too, 

And this is the fame. (Fame/FM)

Love and art. (BTW/ARTPOP)

12-18 1974 (Joanne) 

Lady Gaga (Chromatica=Gaga so LG7=Lady?)


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