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Chromatica’s storyline on spotify (Track-By-Track)


I’m posting this because not everyone uses Spotify. I literally only got it today just to see the Chromatica visuals. I noticed spotify shares a ‘storyline’ written by Gaga herself for each track on Chromatica - so for all the monsters who like me don’t use Spotify & favour other platforms, here is gaga’s track-by-track on Spotify (ik Apple Music has one but it’s literally just outtakes from the Zane Lowe interview).

Chromatica I

”Every journey, I believe, begins with an element of triumph. I win and fail all the time. They’re both meaningful. They both inform me. They’re equally epic.


”In order to do hard things, we have to be willing to try. Sometimes trying involves dreaming. Some of us, I to be certain, must be able to imagine the greatness that’s revealed within us when we overcome obstacles. Otherwise, what is the point? When we are sad this is more difficult, but I recall that there’s always wonderland. Remember that old story Alice?”

Stupid Love

”The core issue that’s been the driving connective force behind all things I do is love. I’ve always wanted it, and can never have enough of it. I’ve been told I’m a love addict. Fine. I’m addicted to love. Is that so bad? Because isn’t there freedom in acknowledging that my need for love is a bottomless pit?”

Rain On Me

”Sometimes I’ve thought I’ve cried so many tears that that’s all I was anymore - a fountain for misery to cycle through. I’d rather that not be true, but at least I am alive. I’m grateful for that. Tears can be teachers if we let them.”

Free Woman

”As someone who generally prefers things to be genderless, I ponder often why I chose to declare my womanhood in this song. I’ve realised that question is futile. Woman could be synonymous with any creative force. I’m proud of my womb, proud of yours, and proud of whose who were born without wombs and have phantom ones. Every gender has a spirit womb. I believe this is hinged on creating with three things the same way a door has three hinges: a steady hand, knowing you can, and not needing a relationship to define your power. Before you know it if you are closed, you can open, just like a door.”

Fun Tonight

”When you listen to this song imagine you’re singing to yourself.”

Chromatica II

”I believe it’s in the middle of our voyages as people that things become both terrifying and whimsical at the same time. I felt life was asking the impossible of me, which I think I’m not alone in feeling. So I was scared, but I believe in magic. So, I wrote this interlude as a reminder that my magic was working. I believe that means yours is too.”


”I take an anti-psychotic. I have neuropathic pain and regular trauma responses. In order to keep me safe from addiction I am not permitted to take any pain pills, so I take this instead. Do not take anti-psychotics unless directed to do so by your doctor, as I do not wish to glamorize anguish.”

Plastic Doll

”Pop culture objectifies artists by attributing labels and grouping us into categories. As a result of this, society expects us to perform like the archetypes we’ve created by stealing our narrative from us and attempting to re-write it. Many of us know what’s going on. I am aware, I am a plastic doll. Some people in this world believe I belong to them in a box to play with. It hurts.”

Sour Candy

”I resent that women are often expected to always be sweet or we’re called b*tches. This song is an analog for that sentiment, and a polite middle finger.”


”The genesis of Lady Gaga as how I identify is something I’ve grappled with since I was 19. I don’t know why I need this transformation to happen other than that the design of Lady Gaga is decidedly rebellious. I can break any stigmas about me at any time because I will constantly transform to escape them. This process by which I exist is a mystery to me, but I’m starting to understand it. I’m even starting to own it. I will always be misunderstood. Because I want to be.”


”I refused to not allow this song to be on the album. Sure, I’m the “boss”. But really Chromatica cannot exist without an abstract explanation of what it’s like to be triggered if you have PTSD. It’s a replay of all of my monsters, not the little ones. And the very thing that has plagued my mind for years, trauma, is precisely the thing that now powers my life force to be braver. I.e. this voice I hear — continue to make music although your brain feels like it’s breaking sometimes.”

Chromatica III

”My sister and I agree that dysfunctional systems are all led by the same calm that precedes all storms. It’s sneaky, unassuming. And I like to focus on what I can control versus what I’m powerless to do. Obviously, people are not included. I believe this music is an expression of an understanding that in life, things will be hard. But many hard things are followed by revelations.”

Sine From Above

”This song is the revelation I had during the album making process that reminded me it is actually the root of all my revelations. Sine is a function that expresses sound. I open a portal to the other realm whenever I write a song, a portal that is a conduit for sound and language. This song is obviously not only about my music making process, but also about how I survive. I survive through music. I always have, and no matter how much I change or things change around me, that is always still true. Sound is my god.”

1000 Doves

”I wrote this song as a cry for help. This song is a promise that I will continue to try just as I did in the beginning when it was hard. It acknowledges that we cannot do all things by ourselves. Sometimes we need help. That’s ok.”


”This is the dance celebration of the culmination of this album, but it’s really the start that occurs after every finish. When we’ve completed a task or defeated a challenge, the end is not the end. This is a new journey, and in Chromatica I will dance my way through all the pain, and every transition I make is into a new me, which is consistently a miracle. I vow to always have something to celebrate. And frankly gossip is the hallmark of civilization. Two people can’t talk behind each other’s backs, you need at least three people. And something that used to haunt me — gossip — is now a silly construct I can dance through. Babble on. I’ll be in Babylon. Or Chromatica.”


Honestly, this story she wrote for Chromatica really broke my heart, but made me so happy for her. And I think this album is really going to help me through my own Trauma & PTSD. I remember having been in a mental health unit for 8 months at the age of 14, being allowed to go and pick up ARTPOP from the music store (my first day of leave), and sit in the car with my mum and listen to it from start to end. This album to me is the grown-up big sister of ARTPOP. Thankyou so much for this Gaga. ARTPOP guided me to a better mental state. Chromatica will help me battle through my trauma & pain. What do y’all think of her storyline? 

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I literally created a thread with the same a few hours ago lol. 

Thanks for sharing too! 


⚔️battle for your life ⚔️
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"When people ask who Lady Gaga is I want to remind them that they don't"

She/Her/Hers Gender:Female
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Salvador Sequea
Posted (edited)

Thnk you very much! :hug:

I dislike "Replay" so much, but damn the lyrics are so relatable to me. Hope it grows on me eventually

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