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5 minutes ago, ProjectJoanne said:

Darnit, they don't have request stuff :/ 

Not all stations have a simple request page unfortunately


The reason I'm sending links to Toronto's 2nd largest radio station Kiss92.5 is not only because they spin new singles faster usually. It's also because the #1 largest (99.9 virgin radio) does not have a request page either u have to text or call


So we will have to make do with the ones that actually have links


If u know of any other relatively large ones lemme know

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1 minute ago, actsleazy said:


this is their contact page but i'm not sure on how to request a song directly to the station

Thanks! If I can't find enough direct pages this will have to do. Iheart radio stations don't make it easy


The largest radio station in Toronto (99.9 virgin radio) is also owned by iHeartRadio radio now and they removed their easy request page years ago :saladga:

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@EconomyI dont know if these are large radio stations but here are a link with a lot of radios where you just have to  "thumb Up" Stupid Love to request it 

I hope it is useful



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14 minutes ago, Blue Lagoon said:

I accidentally voted for the other one **** my fat fingers :messga:

make a new twitter :billie:

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