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Streaming 101: Get Stupid Love into the TOP 10


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Hi guys many of you may remember my first streaming thread I made for ASIB back in September 2018. Time for another one but this time it’s from a single’s perspective rather than an album and even then, rules and formulas have changed since then.

Like the last thread I want to emphasize the importance of a paid streaming subscription vs. a free one.

Apple Music only has a paid version you can start a 3 month FREE trial that will still count as PAID here:

Spotify has both a paid tier and a free tier. You can get premium FREE for a month here:

If you already used your free trials, one account is still only $9.99 a month (only $4.99 if you're a student at a university)

Now here are some frequently asked questions / tips

First thing’s first:


!!!!!! Q: Should I still buy Stupid Love on iTunes? !!!!!!
**A: Yes. Yes. A million times yes. This thread is about streaming but I can’t even begin to emphasize how much a sale is worth now in 2020 that iTunes is dying. 500 sales = 1 point on the Hot 100 as opposed to 650 sales a few months ago and 2500+ sales a few years ago. Sales will definitely be what makes or breaks Stupid Love’s peak. So before you get to streaming, buy it on iTunes AND Amazon Music. Also you shouldn't GIFT the song, it won't count on Billboard. Now let’s get to streaming.**

Q: What is the difference between a paid and free stream on the Billboard Hot 100?

A: 160,000 paid streams = 1 point (ex. Apple Music, Spotify Premium)
260,000 free streams = 1 point (ex. Spotify free account, YouTube)
As you can see paid streaming carries nearly double the weight of free streaming.

Q: Are there alternatives to Apple Music and Spotify?


A: Yes Amazon Music Unlimited, Tidal, and Deezer offer paid streaming tiers as well and will count towards the Billboard Hot 100

Q: Should I keep Stupid Love on repeat or on a playlist?


A: It’s best to make a playlist with other songs in it but with Stupid Love reoccurring more than other songs. Don’t forget to stream from Today’s Top Hits as well

Example playlist:
Stupid Love
Stupid Love
Stupid Love
Always Remember Us This Way
Stupid Love
you should be sad

Q: Should I avoid streaming certain songs?


A: Yes! #2-#10 are all close in points. We could see some positions being decided by a few thousand streams. Avoid streaming these (aka don’t put them on your playlists!)

- The Box - Roddy Rich / Life Is Good - Drake / Circles - Post Malone / Dance Monkey - Tones & I / Don’t Start Now - Dua Lipa  / ROXANNE - ARIZONA ZERVAIS/ everything I wanted - Billie Eilish / Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi / Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

Q: If I'm using Apple Music and purchased Stupid Love on iTunes will my streams count?


A: We (as in the chartsters hihi) highly recommend that once you buy the song on iTunes you delete it by going to your library, clicking on the pink circle with 3 dots, and selecting "Remove". Your purchase will have still been counted but now, your streams on Apple Music will be from you playing it from the platform rather than your purchase library

Q: What is a realistic debut for Stupid Love?


A: The Hot 100 top 10 is weak while the #1 song is relatively strong. Anything from #2-#10 is fair game in my opinion. You should do everything you can (buying it on multiple platforms, streaming it on multiple platforms etc.) to make sure she gets the highest possible debut.

Q: I don't live in the US, do the rules above still apply?


Besides formulaic rules, yes the rules still apply. Premium streams count more to the UK, German, France, Australia etc charts than free streams. 

Q: I already downloaded stupid love and overplayed it what do I do?


A: To quote Tiffany “New York” Pollard, does it look like I give a ****? Cause I don’t. This is Gaga’s solo comeback. If you’re tired of Stupid Love, buy it and leave a playlist on with earphones plugged in while you’re sleeping. It’s imperative that we all do our part in getting the song a smash debut. Streaming is the only way your influence is reflected on the charts week by week. Back when only iTunes was a thing your influence was only recorded once, during the week you bought it. Your streaming will help the singles longevity long after its release.


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- This is a lot of into to take in. So what steps should you take on Friday? Here's what I'm going to do.

1. Purchase on iTunes
2. Purchase on Amazon Music
3. Stream from my Spotify premium on my laptop
4. Stream from my Apple Music on my phone


- Also I must add, if you're sharing the song with your friends, a Spotify or Apple Music link is much more beneficial to our cause than simply just playing them the song when you see them. Be smart with your promo.

- Tracking for Billboard sales and streams starts Thursday Feb 27th 9pm PT / Friday Feb 28th 12 am ET and ends on Thursday March 5th 9 pm PT / Friday March 6th 12 am PT


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hoping for top 5 debut!!! Anything better than perfect illusion’s chart run and I’ll be happy

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the last point :ladyhaha: 

Actually about buying on iTunes and then streaming: your bought copy will show up in your music library but if you go to look for the song on apple music you'll be streaming on apple music. There's no point in deleting the file. Just make sure you go to gaga's profile and click on the song there 

And when you click on "add to playlist" from there you're adding the stream version (or however you wanna call it) to your playlist, not the one in your music library

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That's great! Now we better get to work littlemonsters!

Remember what Bieber said, #2 and #3 are for losers :sis:

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