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How did you find out about GGD?

7 hours ago, DonatellaPop said:


Personally I found it after googling Gaga related things every 0.00000000047365672890876545671 seconds, originally I was just a guest without an actual account but then I decided to end the **** show and actually join.

This exact same thing.

I was searching around after watching A Star is Born.  Continued to search things and kept coming here.  I lurked for a couple of weeks then joined.  I can't believe I've been here almost a year. :bradley:

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I knew it existed before 2013, but I just didn't check it out. I finally came to this site in 2013 when I heard Gaga leaked Aura. I lurked for ages because I didn't know how these functions worked for some reason and made an account in 2017 because someone bashed Joanne :trollga:

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