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LG x Nicola: “… on the Runway” [NY Times] (PFW, Mugler A/W 2011)


Fashion Week - Lady Gaga at Paris Fashion Week | The New York Times


In Paris, Suzy Menkes interviews singer-songwriter Lady Gaga, who modeled two dresses for the designer Thierry Mugler at Fashion Week.

“… The collaboration between Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti is rejuvenating the brand of Mugler; and when Lady Gaga walked the runway in the Paris collection, it caused a moment of tension and excitement …”


Suzy Menkes: Nicola, your great moment was tonight, for Thierry Mugler. So, you designed the collection and, what, your friend —

Nicola: My best friend, yeah, collaborator …

Menkes: Did you collaborate on the collection, or was it the collaboration of style and presentation … ?

Nico: No, from the beginning, you know, from the start of the collection, when we … You know, it’s like when we do everything, right?

Gaga: Y’know, I don’t want Nicola to give me credit for anything because he’s so sweet … but, to be honest, just quite naturally, my collaboration with Nicola on the clothes is the same as his collaboration with me on the music, just really close, and we’re both really creative; we’ve spent a lot of time together. So, we share ideas all the time, and it’s not business related, it’s just purely artistic — and I’m so proud of what he created.

Menkes: But you’re both much too young to know Thierry Mugler — what he meant, back in the 1980s …

LG: No.

Nico: No, we’re not *laughs*

LG: No. *Wag / points index finger* That is where you are wrong …

Nico: *hearty laughter*

LG: Mugler is, was, was and is my lifestyle. What Nicola represents is my lifestyle. So much about my new album is about how this culture — of glamour, of life, as a glamorous life as your bones and your blood — this part of who I am, and that culture is not dead. Nicola represents all of that.

Menkes: And is the idea that these clothes are transformative; that they change the lives of people the way, the way they dress — the eye make-up, the everything … ?

LG: I thought with the models, today —

Nico: They just became, just, so … uber-humanly. Didn’t they?

LG: They just … y’know, besides the fact that they became superstars when they put the clothes on — y’know, I was at the fitting with all the girls and watching them all …

Nico: They were just having fun

LG: As soon as they put the clothes on — as women — you could just tell they felt really sexy and really beautiful and really fierce.

Menkes: And Nicola, tell me, you had this guy in the show that you also had an in the men’s Mugler line —

Nico: Rico!

Menkes: — with the tattoos, absolutely all over; where did you find him?

Nico: I found him on Facebook, actually; and I just went: “ohmygod” — and I showed it to [Gaga], and she was like [mouth agape]

LG: — “ohmygod”

Nico: *laughs*

LG: He’s truly amazing; and, it’s also a testament to the integrity of Nicola and, again, his lack of pretension as a designer in the fashion world. Rico was, not where he is now, and Nicola plucked him from where he was and helped him to move forward with his career … and it really makes me just think about the good nature of people in a different way. Nicola’s just a really good person, and it’s amazing to have someone like that in fashion.

Nico: Thank you, thank you

Menkes: Because a lot of this Thierry Mugler revival is all about, the fragrance; do you think, Lady Gaga, you will ever have a fragrance of your own?

LG: I do have one coming out.

Menkes: Can you tell us about that? What’s it going to smell of?

LG: It’s actually, it’s a smell of many different things —

Nico: *laughs*

LG: I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that I took a sample of my own blood — and extracted the molecular structure, and the scent of that — and injected it into the perfume … so that it would, smell like, and feel like… me.

Menkes: Is fashion, should fashion, be all about performance?

LG & Nico: *extended pensive pause*

Nico: *deep inhale* Hmm …

LG: *pensive stare nowhere in particular*

LG & Nico: *deep exhale, pensive pause, simultaneous inhale* No.

LGN: *Hearty chuckle, hug*

LG: (to Nicola) I love you … . (to Menkes) No. Fashion can mean anything. It’s about self-expression. It’s about freedom …

Nico: Love.

LG: Love. Togetherness …

[fades into “Born This Way” bridge]

Menkes: Lady Gaga and Nicola, thank you so much for talking to the International Herald Tribune and New York Times.

Nico: Thank you.

LG: Thank you — and you can’t buy Mugler, because I bought the whole collection already *satisfied snicker*

Nico: *laughter of approval*

[fades into “Born This Way” chorus]



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ear condom

Looking good and feelin' fine 


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11 minutes ago, Zander said:

She was feeling herself and gave no f**ks that night. :flutter:


Truly this is the biggest level of **** a person can give

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15 minutes ago, Zander said:

She was feeling herself and gave no f**ks that night. :flutter:



just pure veni, vidi, vici: et répétez …




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I LOVE this era and this interview, she's clearly tipsy. But appointing Nicola to Mugler was such a big deal, and tbh while the collection was pretty much panned by critics, I thought it was so fresh and modern, and really paid tribute to Thierry as well. 

I actually was shopping the Real Real the other day, and found a runway sample of those insane platform shoes (in my size :messga: ) for literally 10% of their worth and purchased. 






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