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Stefani Tee
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Global Warming, What Will Happen And After Effects

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Hers is the rough run down:


Better audio with subtitles


Your blood curdles yet? :diane:



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Look on the bright side - with all the food scarcity and all, all those chonks and chubby hubbies who always wanted abs of steel will have the most apt conditions to finally become the skinny legends they deserve to be :hor:

Anyway, can I die now? I don't feel like living on the planet anymore :huntyga:

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Just finished the entire video


Dam by 2050 the amount of damage already in just 30 years :air:


And we only warmed up 0.5C??? I thought this whole time it was almost 1C now :rip:


Edit: I checked, it is almost 1C. How old is this video?

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