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2019 - Top 10 Countries Still Have 77% of Worlds Wealth




Data compiled in 2019 making it the latest rankings


Of nearly 200 Countries that make a world economy of $81 Trillion, the Top 10 combined are still over $62 Trillion or 77% of the world's GDP while the remaining roughly 190 Countries combined have only 33% of the remaining GDP


1. USA: $21.41 Trillion

2: China: $15.54 Trillion

3. Japan: $5.36 Trillion

4. Germany: $4.41 Trillion

5. India: $3.15 Trillion

6. France: $3.06 Trillion

7. UK: $3.02 Trillion

8. Italy: $2.26 Trillion

9. Brazil: $2.25 Trillion

10. Canada: $1.90 Trillion



Top 10 Per Capita With Minimum of 1 Million People:


1. Switzerland: $90,710

2. Norway: $85,553

3. Ireland: $83,815

4. Qatar: $68,468

5: Denmark: $66,946

6. USA: $65,064

7: Singapore: $63,363

8: Australia: $62,765

9. Sweden: $62,652

10. Netherlands: $58,184

11. Austria: $56,229

12. Finland: $54,975

13. Germany: $52,885

14. Canada: $51,015

15. Belgium $50,930

16. New Zealand: $49,200

17. France $46,984

18. Israel: $45,885

19. UK: $44,759

20: United Arab Emirates: $43,788



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@Born To Slay I believe it was you I had a discussion about the US NOT being the wealthiest Country on a per capita term which is a more accurate gage of level of prosperity... Tho it is the largest economy in total


Well here you have it. USA is #6 by that measure so it's still very near the top. Switzerland continues to be #1 of the Nations with any meaningful population. They have been #1 for many years while Norway has been #2 for many years


Actually technically USA is #12 on the website with the data but I removed all the Nations with less than 1 million people from the list


The reason I removed super small Nations is because small swings can give them exaggerated numbers... For example a Country like Iceland has a major Natural Gas field and when gas prices go up their GDP per capita surges while next year it may collapse so numbers of Nations that small can be pretty volatile and meaningless


So looking specifically at Nations with a minimum of 1 million people which smooths out volatility on something like a mine, oil/gas field of major factory etc... USA is #6


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Side note:


Interesting how Switzerland is very Capitalist while Norway is very socialist and they are #1 and #2 on GDP Per Capita yet Polar opposites on political spectrum of right vs left on economics


@Woolfsmck @Luc @PartySick @Morphine Prince bringing back my point that it's not just about where a country is on the economic spectrum but it also matters how it's implemented


For example, $1 Billion more taxation for more education and infrastructure funding is a better investment than $1 Billion more taxation on perhaps mismanaged Government run entertainment city programs with cost overruns even tho both cases mean bigger government which is thought of as left-wing policies


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