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Stefani Tee
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Songs that are Fan Faves + Fan Fave Videos?

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Which songs are fan favorites and its video are fan favorited aswell?

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And After All, It's Just Another Day


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Guest Anisko

fan fav songs :

dance in the dark


bloody mary 

heavy metal lover 




fan fav MV :




mary the night 







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Fan favorites songs: Summerboy, Bad Romance, Out of Control, Monster, Dance In The Dark, Scheisse, Government Hooker, Bloody Mary, The Edge Of Glory, Marry The Night, Princess Die, Judas, Venus, Gypsy, Do What U Want, I Want Your Love, Dancin' In Circles, Is That Alright?, Heal Me, Always Remember Us This Way

Fan favorites music videos: Paparazzi, Bad Romance, Judas, Marry The Night, Applause

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Infinity Wave

Fan Faves are surely Judas with its video (it caused so much backlash we all just hailed it :diane:), Marry The Night with it short movie (a real Gaga masterpiece)

There's literally half of ARTPOP in the fan fave list but people tend to forget it and call ARTPOP a flop. Like, for real, Aura , Venus, DWUW, ARTPOP, Gypsy, G.U.Y., Applause... #buyARTPOPoniTunes

Oh and Summerboy, Paper Gangsta, I Like it Rough and those songs she never performed live 10 years to this day :huntyga:

And last but not least all the non filler songs on BTW, like Bloody Mary, Electric Chapel, Americano, Government Hooker...

And ofc TFM as a whole... we can whine all we want about people who want Gaga to go back to dark pop ala TFM and I agree but nothing will ever change the fact that TFM is literally our fave album at the end and we just have to admit it :giveup:  (For the record I still think my fave is ARTPOP but it's a process :tony:)

Edit: seems like I forgot to mention Joanne :poot:   Jk it's because it's the last one and more recent one so fan favourites still has to solidify imo. Anyway I'd call JW and DiC fan faves fo so.

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Fan fav music: TFM 

Fan fav music video: ASIB 


case closedt

Insta: simplejoys407


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Paper Gangsta
Dance in the Dark
Bloody Marry
Marry the Night
Do what U Want Ft. Christina Aguilera (or solo version)
Diamond Heart
The Cure



Paparazzi (it's not only  fan fave but anyway)
Marry the Night
G.U.Y. - an ARTPOP film
Beautiful Dirty Rich

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The only ones that would come close to your description would be Paparazzi, Bad Romance and Marry The Night.

my name is Lady Gaga and this is my HAUS.
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