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Stefani Tee
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Taylor Swift - Friends

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2 hours ago, Delusional Aura said:

#2 on billboard is a flop? Wow, if it was Gaga you all would be raving for weeks on end. 

After #1 of shallow, #2 is a flop for gaga too




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Its about time!

"My name is Dita, I'll be your Mistress tonight..."


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Delusional Aura
3 hours ago, Levine said:

You know what he meant. It was literally a non event, a lead single from Taylor that lost all the attention in 7 days it's a flop.

Bad Romance peaked at #2, do you consider them the same? Peaks mean nothing.


Anyway I hope this one is strong (and good, but that's my opinion) because she needs it.


5 hours ago, AMENiCURE said:

moreover it reached #2 with over 700 points which is a lot tbh

AMENiCURE pointed out sumn important you should take note. You call it a non-event yet it had 700 points? Sis bye 


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