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Stefani Tee

Irina CAUGHT looking Bradleyless

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Funny they aren't denying there are feelings lol. Just saying "not now".
So it implies that there's potential after some time xD 

Ich schleiban austa be clair


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Sanne Godijn
14 minutes ago, MaryJaneHolland said:

She has a thing for older men tho, so Evans is off the table :poot:

I dont think thats true  because taylor kinney wasnt much older than her maybe he is an exception

Edited by Sanne Godijn


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Jose P
5 hours ago, MonsterMom said:

The GP want them together more than anyone! 

Not really! Aren’t they the ones attacking Gaga on Instagram calling her a home wrecker? And you know how quickly the tides can turn against a celebrity. People love to tear down a successful artist when they peak.


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