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The judge in Britney conservatorship case has ordered an investigation.

2 minutes ago, Gimme More said:

he's on about when he meets celebs in person, she obviously could of acknowledged her if asked by him

Oh I see, would Gaga talk to a reporter/fan/gp member about other celebrities though?

open your mouth, say something warm I've spent a while, on the stranger's side of your door


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Gimme More
9 minutes ago, WarriorPhoenix said:

Oh I see, would Gaga talk to a reporter/fan/gp member about other celebrities though?

idk! might be best to tweet him as he seems like he is on a massive rant :ladyhaha:

#FreeBritney ♡


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Regina George
17 minutes ago, Gimme More said:

he's this rich kid who meets celebs all the time

brit talking about alex in the past:



Wow I wish Gaga would say something about all of this...


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Gimme More

allegedly britney and lynne want larry fired:

Britney Spears and her family were blindsided by her manager Larry Rudoloph’s public revelations that she may never perform again, RadarOnline.com can exclusively report.

Rudolph said in a new interview that he’s been kept out of the loop on Spears’ ongoing private drama except on a need-to-know basis, and he believes she should not return to Vegas for her residency — “not in the future and possibly never again.”

He also confirmed the lucrative Sin City gig was canceled because her medications were no longer working, she was completely distraught over her father Jamie’s illness and she doesn’t want to perform anymore.

Now, RadarOnline.com has learned 37-year-old Spears’ loved ones are livid about Rudolph’s loose lips.

“Larry has, and always will, only look out for Larry,” blasted an insider. “He clearly does not have Britney’s best interest at heart and after this debacle, Britney wants him gone.”

According to the source, Rudolph, 55, was not authorized to speak out on the “Toxic” singer’s behalf.

“For him to go and share very private details about his client goes to show what type of manager he really is,” the insider said. “Larry used to be close to Britney but she does not trust him as far as she can throw him.”

The source added: Spears’ mom Lynne “wants Larry fired and Britney is 100 percent supportive of this.”



#FreeBritney ♡


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Gimme More

what a past couple of months :saladga:


#FreeBritney ♡


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5 hours ago, Bonkers said:

Well good, now we can mind our own damn business.  

> Denied the right of trusted legal counsel, even when having conflicting interests with her conservators:



> Britney expressing concern over having her father as a conservator:


> The opening of several companies by her father and Lou M Taylor (the one who pitched the idea of a conservatorship for Britney, and also plotted a scheme to put Lindsay Lohan under one as well):

> those that promoted Britney’s conservatorship (lawyers AND THE JUDGE at the time, Reva Goetz), also took part promoting a seminar about putting celebrities under consevatorships:



> Britney’s appointed counsel took part in a scheme to defraud a conservatee out of millions of dollars, culminating in the conservatees murder:

May 9, 2014, the scheme to appoint a Guardian of Casey to defraud him and his wife out of millions of dollars, was already being planned behind-the-scenes between Ingham and Martin. PVP attorney Sam Ingham wrote an email to opposing counsel Troy Martin, “I am in the process of preparing a report that will recommend your Petition for Temporary be granted.” This email communication and conspiracy with opposing counsel was three days prior to the first hearing on the second corrupt Guardianship of Casey Kasem.

Ingham continued to work with opposing counsel Martin to hire an attorney in Washington State to export and register the “temporary” Guardianship papers that were fraudulently obtained in Los Angeles.

Ingham found Washington attorney Scott Winship and told him that if he joined them, he could invoice his legal fees against Casey’s estate when he is dead.

May 23, 2014, as the attorneys were plotting how to seize control of Casey for illicit financial gain, Ingham wrote an email to Winship, “Thanks, Scott. My only concern is: if Casey goes to the doctor’s office for evaluation, where’s the justification to take him anywhere but back to Jean when he’s done?”

May 24, 2014, Winship emailed Ingham and Martin, stating, to take him to St Anthony Hospital, “would likely be the end game for Jean, as Mr. Kasem would then be out of her control.”
After Casey was medically cleared to return back to his wife, Winship emailed Ingham and Martin, “I don’t know if we can avoid having Mr. Kasem returned to Chez Hume in Silverdale. I could ask that St Anthony keep him another day for observation, but I don’t think there is a medical basis for doing so”

June 6-7, 2014, late Friday night, with no courts open, Jeannie and Liberty were called to St Anthony Hospital and shockingly informed by Nurse John Reeder that the Kasem sisters [using their nullified 2007 UPS DPA] unilaterally instructed the hospital to withhold all of Casey’s hydration, nutrition and proactive medical care to kill him. Jeannie and Liberty were only permitted 5 minutes each to say goodbye and never saw Casey alive again.

June 8, 2014, Jeannie immediately flew to Los Angeles to urgently reinstate Casey’s food, water and medical care. Her emergency Motion was granted on June 9, 2014 and Ingham was ordered to fly to Washington. He never did.

PVP Ingham emailed St Anthony Hospital, pretending to implement the Los Angeles court order, while he was working behind-the-scenes with opposing counsel Troy Martin, co-drafting their Motion to Vacate the Reinstatement Order that Jeannie obtained, which was vacated by Ingham and Martin on June 11, 2014.

June 13, 2014, Jeannie filed a Writ of Mandamus appealing. She fought to save her husband’s life.

Casey was pronounced dead that weekend.

June 16, 2014, an autopsy was conducted by Dr. Eric Kiesel, consulting with Dr. Michael Baden, who have both requested law enforcement intervention. Casey’s Manner of Death is listed on his Washington State death certificate as UNDETERMINED, which is suggestive of a Homicide.

Gig Harbor Police Chief, Kelly Busey, confirmed to the media that a murder investigation into the death of the beloved radio star was opened on October 29, 2018.


Cross Defendant Samuel Ingham was sued as a Doe Defendant in Jeannie Kasem's Cross-Complaint . Cross-Complainants eventually learned that Ingham was working hand in glove with Kerri Kasem and Troy Martin's scheme to seize control of Casey Kasem and acquire his estate.
Ingham' Special Motion to Strike Cross Complaint argues in large part that he is immune from liability because he was Casey Kasem's court appointed PVP counsel .
This raises the question : was Ingham actually working in behalf of Mr. Kasem ?

A deposition of Kerri Kasem's attorney Troy Martin is necessary to shed light on the nature and subject of Ingham's communication with Troy Martin and the rest of Keri Kasem's legal team, and the degree to which Mr. Ingham betrayed his duty to advocate for Mr Kasemby conspiring with Mr Martin and Kerri Kasem to seize control of Casey Kasem along with Jeannie and Casey's finances and estate.
That scheme ultimately resulted in Mr. Kasem's untimely death, and is the source of all tortious activity alleged in the Cross-Complaint .

Cross-Defendant Samuel D. Ingham ("Ingham") was appointed as PVP Attorney on behalf of Casey Kasem ("Casey") during Kerri Kasem's ("Kerri's") first unsuccessful scheme to obtain conservatorship in 2013, and was discharged from that duty on January 14, 2014 after the first conservatorship attempt was denied for lack of good cause and with prejudice.

Ingham collaborated closely and extensively with Martin throughout the entire conservatorship action brought by Martin on behalf of Kerri. Ingham discussed strategy with Martin, gave him advice and edited his pleading; all while repeatedly expressing opposition bordering on hostility to Jeannie.
He provided Martin, along with Kerri's other representatives, far greater access and deference than he did Jeannie's counsel .

4) Martin email Ingham again, expressing concern that Jeannie planned to take Casey out of state, followed by another email at 6:08 PM asking "Sam, is there any way we can get a judge to issue an emergency order?"
5) On May 13, Ingham emailed the LA Superior Court -  apparently on Martin's behalf asking "Troy Martin is apparentlu having some trouble walking throught the order from  yesterday.  Any suggestion on the way to get this done ?"

8) On May 15, Ingham sent Martin an email detailing his planned strategy for giving control over Casey. Martin replied "This is perfect"
11) On May 20, The pair exchange a series of emails discussing joint strategy regarding medical record and expert opinion, in which Ingham told Martin "I think it is advantageous to have Dr  Trader be the authoritative neutral source rather than have them appear as "your evidence"

13) ..... On June 10 , stating that when the hospital put Casey back on nutrition and hydration, " his lungs start(ed) filing up with liquid and he had a very difficult time breathing, so they reversed course. At this point it looks like providing hydration and nutrition would only result in cause Mr. Kasem to die more quickly and with much less comfort"
Ingham responded enthusiasticaly to this tragic news: "Scott, this is great."



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