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BTS shatters YouTube record at 78M views in 24 hours

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the album grew on me so much every song are good :emma: even the MV is cute asf and i like cute things ugh!

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People are making assumptions about bts without knowing anything. The reason why they're so popular because they're unlike any other Kpop group. They aren't manufactured to hell but they actually have artistic freedom and they actually write their own lyrics and come up with their own concepts and materials. They're also popular because they talk about self-love (SOMETHING GAGA TALKS ABOUT) and they care very much for their fans. They make an effort to connect with them. 

And all his hate on K-Pop is just pure ignorance and jealousy. American/British pop have dominated the world for years and now it's time for asians to have their turn. You don't have to like their music but attacking the genre and saying how it's lack-luster, manufactured, and outdated isn't cool. There's people who will love it, and others who will dislike it. And you don't need to understand Korean to listen to them because music crosses all boundaries. These BTS guys are incredibly kind, caring, and talented people and deserve their success because they've worked so hard to get where they are. 

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