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Shawn: "Gay rumors are hurtful"

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Gracious Gaga
4 minutes ago, AJRocketMan said:

Bitch are you trolling? :lmao: Why would a guy as young as him need to lie about his age? There’s zero need or reason to fight the industry’s ageism with him, regardless of where he is in his 20’s right now. He’s been around since 2014.

With Gaga there have been several anecdotes from other people who used to know her pre-game and her official age lines up with the chronology of those accounts. She graduated high school in 2004.

There are celebrities that lie about their age, like Nicki Minaj pre-2011, But Gaga and Shawn are not it, boy!

I’m dead serious !!:air:

xoxo gracious gaga


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I totally understand him. Imagine someone calling a gay straight. The amount of damage that would follow after. 

Lady Gaga/ Madonna/Lana /Azealia Banks/ Jazmine Sullivan/ DEEE-LITE/ Moko
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