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Stefani Tee

Gaga has won 9 Grammys from 9 different categories

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Omg we do stan the most versatile and talented musician out there :legend:

pls watch pillowtalk mv so it reaches 1b views faster
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I could have bet my asshole that C2C’s Grammy was for “Best Jazz” Album and not “Traditional Pop” :awkney:

Is “Best Jazz Album” even a real category? :duck:

Hi I got bored of my old signature but I also don’t know what to put here
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4 hours ago, BenG said:

Female Pop Vocal and Pop Solo are technically the same category

She's won it in separate categories though

She only won pop solo performance once for the song Joanne, but that's just for individual songs.

She won pop vocal album for TFM, but that's the album category.

Edit: My mistake. I did not realize BR won the same award they just changed the name. lol I was confused.


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10 hours ago, TheSlash said:

Next: Best Gospel Album :firega: 

They already snubbed Joanne in that one.

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10 hours ago, VenusHooker said:

Born This Way :pawsup:  deserved at least one Grammy


T! Atleast for BTW or TEOG :crossed:

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