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Shallow #1 on US iTunes way before the performance!

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16 hours ago, Miracle said:

I mean it's amazing but we'll have to accept one day that with 20k sales a week being #1 on iTunes doesn't mean much 




Fans pay all this attention to iTunes cuz it's where she's really slaying but...


Sales are such a small fraction of music activity these days that it doesn't mean that much...


I also think the fact that Gaga is an older artist is also a big factor in this. A higher percentage of her fans might still use this kind of old fashioned way to acquire music vs say Ariana Grande younger fans


Streaming is the majority of music access now and in that department shallow has done quite well too (especially globally) but not as huge a smash as iTunes has suggested


Also I believe some countries have been slower than others to adjust their charts to how much streaming counts I think I've read before...


Countries that still proportionally put more emphasis on sales for their charts I wouldn't be surprised if they were also the ones where shallow spent many weeks at #1


Although I'm speculating about that part because I don't know which Countries have modernised their charts and are more up to date and which ones havent

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