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Selling 1 Jazz/Piano Ticket (Feb 3rd)

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Hey monsters!

Admin: Really hope I’m posting this is the correct spot!! I rarely log into GGD these days although I visit it like... everyday. So I may be unfamiliar with the rules.

Why I’m selling: Recently attended Enigma and the show was so much fun! I had purchased one ticket for her Jazz and Piano show over the summer but I’ve had a lot of expenses come up over the past few weeks (someone hit my car bumper + I need to fill some cavities 🙃).

I thought I’d post here because I would much rather sell to a fellow monster at a fair price instead of having them pay for it via StubHub (you have to list a certain higher price in order to get the payout you want from the website, but the buyer pays over $120+ worth of fees! I think it’s insane...)


I’m selling ONE Jazz & Piano ticket for her show on Sunday February 3rd  

-section 303, row J, seat 7

-its a collector’s ticket (has a cool design lol)

I’m asking for $450 flat and I’d be willing to ship the ticket via first class mail to get it to you on time. We can Venmo or PayPal, I guess? But I still have it listed on stubhub, too, because I’m eager to sell. (Well I would much rather go but here I am.)

feel free to message me :-) I’ll try to keep a look out.

sending love to all my fellow monsters out there!


$450... OBO 🤔

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