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Netflix Show Halts Production in North Carolina Over Anti-LGBTQ Laws

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Netflix halted production of one of its new original series in North Carolina because of HB 142, a 2017 state bill that legally barred transgender people from using restroom facilities that match their gender identity. 

Netflix stopped production because of a clause in HB 142 which effectively prevents cities and municipalities from passing non-discrimination ordinances that would protect LGBTQ folk. The streaming service was prepared to spend approximately $60 million in Wilmington, but they've decided to take their money to South Carolina instead. 


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I guess that's good. Netflix alone won't have too much of an impact (and sometimes such things are just PR moves) but it's a good precedent and I would like to see more companies follow this path, so NC is forced to move forward with social progress and protections for LGBTQ people. :)


Inb4 GGD members with internalized homophobia claiming "but but gays have equal rights already!!!!" yeah, no, Joanne


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Conservatives are nasty people. Good for Netflix.

That's all thank you.

Be My Baby background vocals from 2:54-3:00
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