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How I dreamt of Enigma

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Enigma could have been way more amazing than it is if Gaga exploited more things from her previous tours and albums, here is the setlist as I would imagine it with some explanations. 

Synopsis : Gaga appears in the simulation and meets Enigma who'd tell her where she is and ask her about what she aspires to which is being famous. Enigma follows her through her way to fame.


The show starts with Enigma on screen : ‘welcome to the simulation, before you can exist in the universe of enigma, you must first make sure all cell phones, cameras, lights, and other devices turn on.’ Then the Haus intro from the fame ball is played.

Act I : the beginning

The intro from coachella is played and then Gaga is lowered from the ceiling above the mezzanine holding a keytar.

Just Dance

LoveGame (Monster Ball version)

Marry The Night

Act II : the simulation

Gaga meets Enigma who tells her about the simulation, she tells her that she’ll have to run after the Fame but the road is full of traps. Gaga answers that she’s too insecure for that but Enigma won’t let her alone.

The Fame

Born This Way


Act III : the paparazzi

The telephone rings and Gaga answers, Enigma tells her to be careful of the paparazzis who wants to use her face.


Do What U Want (solo version)


Act IV : the face

The paparazzi took control of Gaga, a new version of the face interlude from the fame ball starts following a conversation between Gaga and Enigma. Enigma tells her that she can find herself if she thinks about what she really loves. (This will happen with the piano medley)

Poker Face

Monster / Dance In The Dark / Judas (songs shortened)

ARTPOP medley (ARTPOP + Venus + GUY + Sexxx Dreams + Manicure + Swine)

Act V : the brain

Gaga which is hypnotised is in a room with a sort of human / octopus (the brain interlude from the fame). The octopus leaves Gaga alone, we have a close look of what's happening in her brain and there's Stefani who wants to escape but can’t because of her fame. The paparazzi put gaga is in a sphere and is raised above the crowd with a circular keyboard.

Piano medley (Joanne + Million Reasons + Speechless + Your Song)

Runaway (Kanye West cover -yes bc once upon upon a time, they planed doing a joint tour and the track fits the storyline-)

Heal Me

Act VI : the heart

Enigma comes to rescue Gaga and tells her that she can’t deal with fame till she knows and accept who she truly is. She wants to take her to the healing place but they'll have to fight the fame monster.

Bad Romance (acoustic)


Perfect Illusion

Encore : the healing place

Gaga is close to the healing place, she asks the crowd to sing along and protect her.

The Edge of Glory (acoustic)



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Wow this is really amazing



just no Perfect Illusion or The Cure :neyde:


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Be My Baby background vocals from 2:54-3:00
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23 minutes ago, GypsyVida said:

Wow this is really amazing


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just no Perfect Illusion or The Cure :neyde:


but Perfect Illusion is part of the story ! like, this fame she wanted was just an illusion !

For The Cure, it may be more appropriate if it was Heal Me

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48 minutes ago, TimisaMonster said:

No Aura...no sold out concept :giveup:

Aura is actually included in the intro (coachella)


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