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HDD Butchers Billboard over Travis-69 Chart Battle

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…distributor of 6ix9ine’s Dummy Boy, say their numbers bear out that 6ix9ine had the #1 album and are pressing the Bible to revise its chart. It’s believed that just a few hundred units separate Dummy Boy from Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD.

Word has it that SoundCloud reported late, and the streams that would’ve gone to 6ix9ine were disallowed by BB. Now there are rumors of pending lawsuits from both sides. 

…with Howard Appelbaum having exited Nielsen, there are no more adults left to oversee the mess—or show their work in tabulating the charts—and chart maven Silvio Pietroluongo and company find themselves flailing as outrage grows among all parties. With ticket and merch bundles becoming ever more prevalent, the Bible’s Top 200 is more a measure of T-shirt sales (which happened to make up more than 1/3 of Scott’s total) than a meaningful index of marketplace impact.

The Bible bunch appear to be hoping to make this “audit” last long enough to cause biz watchers to lose interest. Fat chance.

But regardless of the outcome, it’s clear that the arrogant bumbling instituted by John Amato continues without him, and Billboard has become a laughingstock. Rumors abound that wholesale firings at the Bible are imminent and yet another management team will soon be brought in to oversee a new chapter in the company’s slide into irrelevance. It’s said that the difference between the Bible and the Titanic is that the latter had a better band.



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Low key wish Billboard gives actual sales more weight if they change their formula. 👀 

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ok also tho how tf isn't Thank u, next #1 anymore??? it's ahead of sicko mode in radio, streams and sales????

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I only claim Top Album Sales :vegas:

Billboard 200? Haven't heard of her.

baby, yoü and I


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We can't relate since ASIB soundtrack doubled all its competitors :vegas:

I didn't choose Gaga, Gaga chose me
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