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A Star Is Born
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Black Eyed Peas - BIG LOVE

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WARNING: This video shows explicit violence. Please be warned.

This video is seriously worth just 10 minutes of your busy lives. It really is a wake up call. One of the first videos in a while that has made me cry.

P.s.: Sorry if this has already been posted.

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Satans Ex Wife

Aww. I'm at work right now so I won't watch until later. Black Eyed Peas have done really good songs with an important message before. "Where is The Love" is still an amazing song. It was on my first CD I ever purchased, a 2003 Grammy nominees compilation. 


Fear Not the Flame of My Love's Candle
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I love it.

Where Is The Love's hip little sister :giggle:

A Scalp Is Torn
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