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What Would You Wanna See From A Surprise Gaga Performance

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Now that the VMA's has gone and anyones hope of wanting to see Gaga at the VMA's again has been vanquished. I got to thinking about what if she had performed and this grand surprise performance came into my mind.


PICTURE THIS. They go to introduce the nominees for a particular category when suddenly the lights go down/out, the presented tries to ask what is going on when there microphone gets cut off. Suddenly the back of the stage slides apart and separates and all you can see is a silhouette of a Gaga, but no one has any clue who it is or what is going on, they just see Icon. The mysterious performer walks forward with the crowd wondering what the hell is going on. The video screens start to show some weird imagery until the video screens show a video much like the new Gaga shoots with the iconic, "Im a free bitch baby" being played in a demonic type voice. Then the spotlight hits Gaga with the beginning of the new song being slow and then crashing into an amazing Sophie produced drop with Gaga throwing herself across the stage and the video screens going wild.


What would your surprise performance look like? I wanna know if you think she should do something like that in future 

Messy, Petty, Beautiful, Covergirl
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What would I like to see from a surprise Gaga performance? Hmm, I don't know. Perhaps Gaga actually performing? :ohwell:

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Any performance. Just perform with a new song pls.



Well, I'm gonna exclude a piano performance from 'any'.


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mess i didnt even know the VMAs happened, that show is literally dying I saw no notice of it anywhere whatssoever :messga:

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Sounds like Katy Perry's Part of Me Grammy performance to be honest.

If you want to forget something, maybe sitting around and remembering it in every detail ain't the right way.


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