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Local Music Channel celebrates Fame 10th year anniversary 😱

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Local Music Channel in India (VH1 India) is celebrating the iconic "The Fame" album's 10th anniversary,:udidnt: which comes as a surprise and shock that a GP channel knows the dates and importance of The Fame.:firega:


I opened the channel today in the hopes of some entertainment :lana:(they hardly play gaga anymore, ever since applause which tbh is not their fault) and saw the poker face music video and eh eh music video being played with The Fame album cover on the top left corner with 10th anniversary special written all over it.:koons:


This is thread worthy to me because they are the only channel which plays international music for Indian public, and back in 2008 they played poker face non stop due to which I became a fan:pray:, ah it feels like a full circle seeing them celebrate the album that made gaga a sensation.:nooo: 


Happy 10th anniversary to The Fame, an album that changed my life forever:legend:.

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