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Comparison: 2 Shows in 1 City

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I was blessed to attend to both Barcelona shows and here goes my review/comparative/curiosities! 


For Sunday I went from the night before, but you couldn't camp so you'd just sign up for a list at 11pm and come back at 8am. I got #251 and my mum and boyfriend got the next two numbers (yes, my mom is a monster).I went GA very close to the main stage and it was the best experience ever, the main stage had the best performances when it comes to dance and props. Today (Tuesday) I bought the ticket from a Facebook girl that couldn't go for a very cheap price, it was on the back part but I managed to move way closer and I saw things I didn't before, like how she sang Angel Down looking at us, come to mama, BTW from a closer view. I definitely recommend going twice if possible!!

FAN GIFTS: No presents were allowed in, I made two plush doll for her (see images) and had to throw it away. I felt devastated for half an hour but then I didn't let it ruin my moment, I understand though, since Ariana's thing is still recent. The first day she read a really long, inspiring letter about how due to that concert, two friends from different countries reunited. On Tuesday she got one with probably 15 words in total, which invited her to a cup of tea and she didn't seem to like it so much. She went down to the crowd to hug the fans on both occasions, but the Sunday one was way more emotional. 

FAMILY TALK: On Sunday she talked about her mother and how she was there with her, we didn't know! On Tuesday she didn't, but she talked about Natali and thanked her for the vest the made for her.

HOW FULL? Sunday felt a little more packed but both BCN dates were packed tbh, GA was the first thing to sell out. 

SPANISH WORDS! Both days she said different words in Spanish, specially "te amo". On Sunday she asked her guitar player how to say Little Monstes "pequeños monstruos" and said it twice, on Tuesday she used other words like "lindo" and "bonito". SO CUTE!

BEST SONG? In both dates she dedicated The Edge of Glory to the victims of last year's Barcelona tragedy. It was very very sentimental and both times the venue was lit with phone flashes, beautiful and definitely my favorite part sentimentally and vocally. 

Both concerts were magical and she seems really happy to be back on stage. I truly thank you Gaga for giving it all!


My view on Sunday 14th


View on Tuesday 16th


Venue lit (The Edge of Glory)



First doll plush I made her (I transformed Elsa from Frozen into a mini Gaga) 

Second one, this was Anna, same concept. I ****ed up with her lips but anyways it was my plan B. Anyways both were taken in the entrance, so sad:(

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Nice! I was GA up front for the show in Tampa, FL and it was incredible, but afterward also wondered how the show would have been from a wider perspective. Awesome you got the chance to experience both.

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Great post on your review from both shows I wish she’d perform twice in my hometown. :cryga: Also those dolls are awesome it sucks they made you discard them though. :crossed:

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12 hours ago, lmxoxo said:

Was 5F2 played tonight? 

How people reacted? 

For the second show I had to arrive just in time because I was working, but they did play it. 

For the first one they didn't, but they played the trailer and we all went crazy. 

Check out my Million Reasons cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE5nmPJzV9U


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