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The Weeknd won't work with H&M again

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They didn't mean it that way.You are the problem.You saw it from one really unnecessarily-critical point of view.Normal people just see a cute kid in a hoodie that has cute text on it.Monkeys are a very cute type of animals,they often associate me of cuteness,silliness and children.Why are you so freaking OVERSENSITIVE over everything :saladga:I'm sure this black kid liked the shoot and enjoyed.If they were racist they'd not put black models at all.Just stop this 21st century sensitive madness :interestinga:

My pu$$y tastes like pepsi cola
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14 hours ago, JustLikeHoney said:

Its The Weeknd not Weekend. This ad is disgusting, but H&M is a European company. Just a question, are black people referred to as monkeys in Europe too? I still think it's gross but I would forgive the mistake if it was lack of knowledge rather than outright racism. 

In France yes (we don't refer to them as monkeys but some racist people do call them like that). But I'm curious to know if it's the case in Sweden.

14 hours ago, kvnrp said:

Not at all.

As a matter of fact, as a European, I don't see that picture to be racist at all. Only after I saw the tweet and this thread, I noticed that some people think that way.

Where do you live ? In France it's known that black people get called baboos from racists sometimes.

14 hours ago, DiscoHeaven23 said:

andddddd you just illustrated your lack of understanding of the situation. 



no further comment from me. 


Aaaaand you just illustrated how you like double standards.

14 hours ago, Morphine Prince said:

Don't quote me with whataboutism 

Clearly context is important, however the lack of knowledge about such terms is worrisome 

Context here : They made a mistake because they didn't realize at any point that the hoodie had been associated with a black kid.

Also why is the lack of knowledge about the use of that word worrisome ? If you've never heard about black people being called monkeys in your whole life, isn't it a good thing ? It means that finally, people are not using that word anymore.

14 hours ago, Borislshere said:

Compares an extensive history of Black people being mocked and called monekys to white people recently getting called mayo. A Mess. 


So that makes it ok to say it ? Hate turning into hate, very clever.

13 hours ago, SychosSoChic said:

So a black person saying they find this offensive, and that it's racist to them, is just privileged and oversensitive?

Coz it happens week after week, a black member says "X is racist" and white members come pouring in to say "No it's not, you're just oversensitive".

So please tell me. What are "Serious racial issues"? And who dictates when there is or isnt racism present? Because even when we have footage of unarmed black men getting shot by police, we still have members defending it or trivializing it. So please tell me, because I would love to know, who gets to decide when I, a POC, can or cannot find something offensive?

It's racist if you intentionally do something offensive towards another race, if you actually think they're inferior and should be treated as such. Here it's obvious that they didn't consciously intend to associate the hoodie with the black kid. Same for the two quotes below.

13 hours ago, Judicorn said:

If black people say they don't want to be referred as monkeys, directly or indirectly, because of the long history of white people comparing black people to monkeys, within the scientific community and the general public, to prove their inferiority...is that so difficult  to do?


11 hours ago, Lion Heart said:

What is this bullshit apology :rip: 

It's basically "Im sorry you were offended" :rip: lmao.


OT : Obviously a mistake, come on people, do you really think H&M thought "oh let's do something racist, we have this new hoodie "I'm the best monkey in the jungle", let's make a black kid wear it, everybody will be so happy, because everyone is racist, and who cares about the black customers, it's not as if more than 70% of the world population was non-white, who cares about losing all of our customers ?".

I don't know how it was made, maybe they took every picture independently, with every model wearing every clothes everytime, or maybe more simply, they took every model in picture and then they automatically put the design templates on the pictures randomly. In that case tell me how they were supposed to notice this. They probably have a lot of new clothes to display and they have other things to do than checking whether maybe a picture is suddenly racist because the message on the hoodie and the skin color of the model make it awkward.

Mistakes like this are being made everyday, in the media etc.
For example one time on television, there was a show to collect money for disabled people. So singers were there singing, and most of the people in the public were disabled. And at one point, a singer said "stand up" and then quickly realized his mistake. Did people find it outrageous ? No, because he didn't think before saying it and realized it afterwards.
One time an online newspaper uploaded by mistake an article stating that Queen Elizabeth II had died. Did people find it outrageous ? No, because it was a mistake.
One time a graphic designer had to make an ad with pictures of children, so she googled "pictures of children" and used them in the ad. But she used by mistake the picture of a child who had been found dead years ago, and the murderer still hasn't been found. Did people find it outrageous ? (Well, yes :ladyhaha:) But did she do it on purpose ? No, she didn't know about it, she should have checked where the pic came from but it's still just a mistake and was not intended.

Also the whole "I'm going to boycott this company because of this". Do you have any idea of how big companies work ?
Is Jane, shopseller at H&M Los Angeles responsible for this ?
Is Alberto, manager in H&M Milano responsible for this ?
Is Anna, fashion designer at H&M Sweden, responsible for this ?
Is John, designer of H&M website, responsible for this ?
Are the CEOs of H&M responsible for this ? Don't they have better things to do than manually checking every picture that is uploaded on the website ?
Even if, say, an important person at H&M once says something racist, homophobic etc, does it represent the opinion of the WHOLE company ? Companies are not cults, there are just thousands and thousands of people working there and none of them are related, they just have the basic instructions in their sector, individually, they're not aware of what others from the company do and that's it. So "blah blah I'm boycotting because they did this or that" is so immature.

You popped my heart seems... All my bubble dreams, bubble dreams...
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Locking this :saladga:

I'm so tired of how every one of these threads end up. This is a serious topic. Even if some of you don't think this one thing matters, it is part of a larger societal topic and should be taken seriously and discussions about it should be tactful and civil. Be an example for others. Obviously no one here is an outright bigot and no one is too sensitive, everyone simply has an opinion and they're entitled to sharing it.

Stop with the insults, the accusations, the shade, etc and respect each other. Otherwise, don't expect to be respected and don't expect anyone to give any kind of importance to what you have to say.

Give sorrow words. The grief that does not speak whispers.
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