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A Star Is Born

Show me - Gaga ft. Katy Perry & David Guetta

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2M views in the basket :toofunny: 

anyway, would you like it to be real?

tbh I think this is so 2010 and really basic and expected, I hope something that sounds similar will never come from Gaga



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LittleMonster20  8.7.


1 = a

2 = e

3 = g

4 = r

5 = b

6 = k

7 = t

8 = i

9 = p

10 = o

11 = l

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Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you you can’t be exactly how you are.💙
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1 minute ago, Triggered said:

Of Course Katy is wearing green hair on the thumbnail  :bon: 

it's the thing now

If you have mental problems, search help! You deserve to feel better!
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