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Taken with my cellphone.. for texture :trollga:

I don't have enough posts to open a separate thread so I figured I'd just post the covers I made for Joanne here    

This is a promo pic for my music video inspired by the song "Grigio Girls" And this is the video   Hope you guys like it 

REQUEST! I need 6 covers! They need to be like this:

1) Needs to say "Pre-2008 Performances" and be with a photo from before 2008.

2) Needs to say "Lollapalooza 2007" and have a photo from '07 Lolla.

3) "2008 Performances" and w/ a 2008 photo.

4) "2009 Performances" and " " 2009 " .

5) "2010 Performances" and " " 2010 " .

6) "2011 Performances" and " " 2011 " .

THANK YOU SO MUCH! :hug: I know its a big request! I need them for my iTunes!

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