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Mississippi governor signs 'religious freedom' bill into law

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No need to invent time machines, just travel to Mississippi :toofunny:

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38 minutes ago, LG said:

Previously you could be charged with anti discrimination acts... you can't anymore, you just need to say you're religious and those are your beliefs.

Actually @littlepotter had a point. There is no federal law protecting people for their sexual orientation nor their gender identity. So in practice, a "religious" shop owner could have denied service to an LGBT person if they wanted to before this. All this law does is formally writes it into law and supersedes any local ordinance that could have protected LGBT people (and as far as I know there were no local ordinances in Mississippi that did so).

Let this be clear: other than marriage, LGBT people have ZERO rights granted by the federal government. The only rights you have would be granted to you by your state. Very, very few states have laws protected LGBT from workplace discrimination or private shops/service discrimination (in other words, you can be fired/denied service in the vast majority of US states).

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Freedom is very subjective here though. What about the people that are targeted by this bill using the excuse to respect "religious freedom". if it's written in the Bible we can have slaves, then is slavery still abolished? No seriously I am all for religious freedom but someone's freedom stops where it infringe on someone else's freedom, like the freedom of not be discriminated or bullied or assaulted because of your sexual orientation or gender identity. On the other hand I highly doubt gay couples would want to have celebration with such backward people.

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LOL how about these idiot legislators look at the kind of chaos that has engulfed North Carolina since McCroney signed a similar bill two weeks ago. 

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