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Björk Releases 'Vulnicura' Sleeve Artwork


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The ominous image sees the Icelandic artist reimagined as a molten creature in surreal pain.




The graphic volcanic wound sleeve will reveal a wise and healed Bjork on the inside cover.

It reflects what we’ve already seen of her â€œBlack Lake†music video — the singer is violently splayed against a large rock. Despite its digitally aestheticized rendering of the artist, this image is more petrifying and personal than the original art, depicting the beloved artist in unthinkable — albeit surreal — pain. It’s a collaboration between Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang, known for his work on Björk’s forthcoming â€œStonemilker†Oculus Rift video and Black Lake film, the artwork reimagines Björk as some kind of harrowing human/volcano hybrid. As you might recall, it’s a stark contrast to the digital version’s more lighthearted cover.

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It looks like she has a bloody vagina on her chest.

I can't :awkney: 

I root for you. I love you. You, you, you, you.
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xoxo cupcakke

It's like Reverse Björkian Pietà


I'm actually digging this Björk art

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It's amazing.

And not you guys trying to link this to Gaga........ Björk has worked with those people when Gaga was still a kid :toofunny: Don't even

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