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NOW: GagaDaily's 2nd Favorite Artist after Gaga [WINNER: Katy vs Lana]

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photo-23394.jpg?_r=1413904015 GagaDaily's 2nd Favorite Artist photo-23394.jpg?_r=1413904015



Hello little GagaDailers.


It's time to decide which artists are GagaDaily's favorites after Gaga.



So here are the steps:


1. PM me your 10 favorite artists ever [excluding Gaga] ranked in your order of preference. [bands & groups are allowed]

*if you don't have 10 artists, you can send less (minimum 5), but in that case, your #1 artist will get 5 points instead of 10.




That's it. Easy, right? :ohwell:



- Your #1 artist gets 10 points. Your #10 artist gets 1 point.

- No trolling. Every ballot with troll votes won't be counted.


*Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, post your list here in the thread or else your ballot won't be counted.



You have until Friday to send your list. The countdown starts on Saturday.









Members I received ballots from so far [58 members]: MartijnMonster, amenART, , amenvodka, Tove Lo, inuborg, Girl Under You, Creyk, Ibo, Addy Ezzie, Dora, Iismetti, , mcoop, mister, 7Days, Torsoface, Brainiac, VISION, jimakostsalas, Temple, JuliaWhorkova, Levine, Economy, , Alan123, Pandora, PicklePower, Hexxx, , , Navy, isMusic, Michael, ARTPOPisaChoice, Banshee, , , Paper Gangsta, Pierre, Henry, Henny, gxpsyprince, , , xxxes dreams, Electric Venus, hookerfreak, EyeOfHorus, Mast, forslayage, nathantj594, Chrysler X. JustPokeHerFace, GagzJudasInTheDarkComputer.

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