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Water on Earth is older than Sun, study says

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actually not exactly... Matter can be transformed into energy and energy into matter. But the amount if substance in the universe remains the same. Thats what doesnt change

But elements, coumpounds etc under extreme pressure can change into something else. It changes the at the atomic level

I see no reason why it cant be done with water. At the very least break away the bond between the two elements (oxygen and hydrogen)

well i guess it would be from multiple sources

U cant say a specific cup of water i drink was once someones pee while the cup my dad drank was someone elses

The particles mix together in the vast oceans and each individual particle at this point has its own unique history

Same for space. A tiny bit may have come from that race billions of years ago. A tiny bit from whatever etc

Yes, you are absolutely right, and I am aware that the water on earth likely comes from various sources. It's just an amazing thought that maybe, very long ago, some of it was already used by some other living beings :yes:


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True, but I was talking in general. And in reference to Earth, those extreme cases of pressure usually won't happen.

yeah but earth is irrelevant to the statement i was replying to

Someone said water doesnt change its always solid, liquid or gas and therefore the amount if water in the universe doesnt change so water on Earth must be older than our sun

All i meant is that, that simply isnt true. Water can be created or destroyed

Earth doesnt have the kind if extreme pressures needed to change elements into something else at the atomic level but other areas of the Universe certainly do :shrug:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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