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Reasons why Iggy succeed instead of Azealia


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even if Azealia is the talented one of them both.


American radio doesn't like extravagant and intelligent people. And Azealia is it, and very conflictive. Azealia. Her songs don't sound like anything that's being played on the radio. They are, actually, very alternative and complicated songs. Iggy doesn't serve that, she serves mainstream rap songs with pop hooks and radio friendly lyrics.


But who cares Azealia isn't having success as a Iggy? Iggy looks like the new doll of the industry, she doesn't seem to have a creative or interesting mind and that's reflected on her songs. Her songs are plain, repetitive but they bring catchiness and fun, things that Azealia songs don't usually serve.


Azealia is a talented rapper / artist and she knows how to make GOOD and INNOVATIVE rap songs. She knows how to use the samples and she didn't have the need to make a song about asses (Nicki MInaj) or get her songs more commercial to appeal the GP


Say what you want about Azealia but she's an enterprising and an innovator in rap music and alternative music critics and magazines love her work. If I had to compare Azealia's to other artist, I'd compare her with the genius called Kanye West. They are both very hated and very judged but very talented. You can call her a narcissist or a selfish girl but talent doesn't have to do with the personality


She's a genius in exploring new forms of rap music (mixing rap with vogue music, screamo, alternative electronica...) and she's really underrated by the GP. She's also a trendsetter, playing with the seapunk


Check out her best songs if you haven't done it yet







You can download her mixtape FANTASEA that includes very interesting songs like Esta Noche, Chips, Luxury, Aquababe...etc




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Teri Hatcher

How much did Azealia pay you to make this post? :toofunny:

By the time you reach the end of this sentence, it'll be too late to realize I just wasted your time with a pointless sig.
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bottom line


iggy came out on top because she's white and blonde and she has ass injections


azealia is has the body of a 14 y/o boy


do the math, s-x sells and the world is racist  :shrug:

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Azealia is my favourite rapper and I stopped being a fan of Iggy with her debut album since it was a disappointment, but let her have success lol, stop being jealous and pressed


This is like Gaga/Katy and y'all know

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