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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform on The View

Just days after finishing her artRAVE world tour, Lady Gaga is back on stage with a beautiful performance of “Cheek…

Lady Gaga premieres H&M holiday commercial

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have premiered their holiday campaign for H&M, featuring “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It…

Lady Gaga performs final artRAVE show in Paris

Lady Gaga played the final stop of her her 79-date artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball world tour at the Bercy Arena…

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just got piercing today yay

less than a minute ago


Why was the thread deleted.. Admin said (quote) "However, you may still post links to pages that contain such pictures - for example, a link to Twitter or an article that contain the image."

less than a minute ago

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Check out my EDM/Dubstep version of Carol of the Bells! http://gagadaily.com/index.php/topic/131046-my-edmdubstep-version-of-carol-of-the-bells/

2 minutes ago


"Most Discussed: Madonna" interesting GGD

6 minutes ago

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