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01Jaime   Paws Up 3,905

I had a bad night yesterday and a very long day today, but all day long i just kept humming the melody of this song not remembering what it was, because i knew it was gaga but its just been years since ive listened to it. When i had bad days in high school i would just put this song on and cry and maybe thats weird because its a love song, but it helped. So anyway, i rememberd the song and i pulled over in my car, alone, and i started to cry, after the joanne world tour in austin ended on tuesday, ive just been so sad and after listening to this song again years laters its been a catharsis. I write this with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes, the power of music is real and its beautiful.

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DiscoStyx   Paws Up 3,149

this song is incredible, one of her best for sure. I wish she writes new ballads like this one in the future...

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cause of death: gaga singing along perfect illusion on BBC Radio 1


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joannester   Paws Up 901

One of her best songs EVER

thank you for acknowledging its existence 

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I'll mop you all across the floor, snatch your fυckιng weave out Βitch


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Bloody Grammys   Paws Up 6,930
Bloody Grammys

I have never heard this song I've just realised I wasn't actually living before, I do now, live. :pray:

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used to be a sloth


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giskardsb   Paws Up 7,213

actually her best written song.

still waiting for her to come back to that level TBH, but when she went pop pure songwriting took a back seat.


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