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Hi everyone,

I'm going to JWT in Antwerp and Amsterdam, and for Antwerp I have the Come to Mama package. I was wondering if anyone had advice as to what time is a good time to arrive to the show in order to make sure I get a good view (as close to the main stage as possible)? I would usually queue from early morning on the day of a concert to get front row or as close to this as possible but don't know if this will be necessary because of having the CTM package rather than a GA ticket? How long before the show would you arrive for this package? :saladga:

Also, this is the first concert I'm going to alone because I didn't want to pass on the chance to see her on this tour because of being too scared of going to a show alone so if any of you are going to this show/have the CTM package: hi!!!

Really hopeful I can meet some great and fun little monsters at both shows! 19 days to go!!! :ladyhaha:

(thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked before)


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