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Gaga's fake accents

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comecomemylady   Paws Up 4

I identify each era with an accent:

Pre Fame Album Launch like in the first Gagavisions, she was funny had a loud big sweet personality, very well spoken New York attitude, though she was only 21/22, she excited about everything.  


Post Fame Album Launch had a very tired condescending, shy, sarcastic soft tone in her voice, very witty but she was getting tired of being asked awkward questions.


The fame monster - very spoken, tired, raspy voice, high pitch soft spoken, she became a lot more emotional in her interviews, she opened up so much.


Born This Way - she was a little rigid but grew very confident and kind of cocky when talking about herself and her projects, but by December 2011, she no longer was shy at all in interviews. In 2012 she antuanted way too much, she sounded like a high robot tbh, I remember someone pointed it out on littlemonsters and she said it was her way making her pronunciations better to be a better singer (maybe she was thinking about doing jazz long before we knew) but in those interviews, she just bragged and seemed very out of it. Also she was reportedly drunk most of the time.


ARTPOP - rambled all the time, nothing she ever said was cohesive, would be asked about her favorite colour, she'd replied, "You know, it's funny, because I'm itialian, I'm from New York, and I just don't, I just want to create for all my little monsters... *randomly start crying*... em...."  She sounded even more discombobulated, many times the interviewer had to interrupt and say, "sorry, that's great, but the question was:..." Eg. Interviewer: "Rotten Potato" - Gaga: "And you know what?... That's what ARTPOP is really all about actually". Then she just quit promo for 4 months after the album release, until February to promote GUY. 


Cheek To Cheek - She is a New York Italian woman, she opened up more and didn't seem so disjointed when she spoke, she was much more chill, but would still go off topic and most interviews just ended awkwardly. 


Joanne - Dead aunt, the woman in the field with her kids, her without fame, her family, her friends, her roots, her acting, I really like these interviews, but the interviewers, are so kiss ass these days, the one with howard stern 2016 was good, because he asked and she reciprocated, she only did radio interviews really, but radio people like Zack Sang, would just sit there and go "wow, WOW OMG WOW HAHAH - oh sorry" while she's talking about how her friend is dying of cancer. 


Next era will be ASIB, promo press conferences, interviews, round tables, no radio interviews so yay. 

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Dolce Vita   Paws Up 6,809
Dolce Vita

I was watching a bunch of interviews and stuff from 2012 and her accent is such a mess :rip: especially in the Fame commercial where she is trying to imitate a French accent 

“Lady Gaga - FOAME” :rip: 


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