What is your prediction for TC @ BBHot100 ?

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1 hour ago, juju said:

Hopefully Top 10, but that's probably not realistic, although a lot of my GP friends are really digging the song, it's resonating with a younger crowd. So we will see :lolly: 

Well it may not debut there but interest in it so far suggests at some point it will go top 10. Quite possibly even top 5 depending on timing of video and possible forms of promotion (whether it he performances or a discount on itunes)

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Hopefully the song will end up like another "Just Dance"/"Poker Face"; debut low, climb up, hit #1 :classy:

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debut top 30

peak at top 5 if she promotes it:poot:

I had high expectations for the song tho, i really wanted a #1 song but ugh

it will be a radio hit for sure 


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