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36 minutes ago, Edonis said:

Graduate school in the English speaking world means professional and doctoral work (Masters and PhDs). Nobody is in their teens in grad school.

And I’m specifically studying Microbiology and Virology. Part of the reason humans are able to love significantly longer now than they did hundreds and thousands of years ago is because we’ve learned to cook our food to kill microorganisms. 

News flash- there are parasites that grow on produce too :flop: they grow in the ground after all :flop:

Furthermore I’m going to bow out of this argument because as I recall, we’ve argued on the subject of raw food and medicine before and I’m really not in the mood to develop a headache again :diane: 

Once again, good luck in your endeavors. If you ever need to talk about some of the actual benefits of a natural diet, or you want some scientific literature or something, my PMs are always open :kara:

Well no it is called a post graduate degree afterall most postgraduates study at the same institutions as undergraduates. It is an Americanism and clearly you were not understood by a native english speaker.

There can be parasites on plants but as far as I  am aware they pass thru a clean gut and do not really thrive on a healthy raw diet whereas when there is intestinal plaque and all the gunk from sticky rice and cheese stuck everywhere and lots of meat and dairy products for them to eat then they make themselves at home.

Your making unsubstantiated claims that cooked food has caused people to live longer. A scientist would know that there are many variables that have effected mortality rates and no evidence to support your claims. That you would make such an assertion demonstrates your underhanded use of science to  drive your agenda. A scientist would take an interest in the subject afterall it could help billions of people but for some reason you just make deceitful claims about how long people lived and why. People in Hunza live longer and eat considerable amounts of raw food as part of their lifestyle.


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