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Emma's Gallery (CLOSED)

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Name: Emma, dur.

Age: 19

Been Photoshopping for: About four years

Favorite Artists (Apart from Gaga): Carrie Underwood, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Florence + The Machine, Christina Aguilera, Jessie J, Sara Bareilles, Paramore, Rise Against, Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert

Now that you've made it this far (I thank you), below are my examples (which I am in the process of updating, so please bare with me) as well as my rules. Please follow them!


1. I only make signatures for other websites if needed.  I'm always open to make icons (avatars) however.

02. Credit is awesome. Please use anything I make for at least three days.

03. Don't steal. Period.

04. HQ pictures if possible, please. I may ask for different ones if this is not the case.

05. Give me at least a week to finish them. Should it take any longer, feel free to bump it.

06. Don't request the same thing from another artist unless I give permission. It's just rude.

07. Please don't request a million things at once.

08. Seeing as this is my request thread, I can deny any request for any reason.</p>

09. Use my form. For your sake and mine.

11. If you don't like a graphic, don&#39;t hesitate to ask me for changes! However, if, in the form, you give me free reign on your request (i.e. You choose the pictures!) I'll do whatever feel suits the graphic and won't change those should you not like it. You've been warned. Otherwise, it's no problem.

10. At the end of the form, where it says "I Don't Speak German But I Can If You Like" so I know you read these rules.

12. Lastly, anyone found breaking any major rules (such as stealing) can no longer request from me.

What I make:








Sorry guys, wallpaper requests are OFF for right now.





(More examples soon)



Leighton Meester I Lady Gaga I Jared Paledecki

Here's the form you can fill out for your requests:


Type of Graphic:




Anything else?:

I don't speak German but:

Edited by Emma


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I'm hoping to have the new sigs up within the next week or so... some of those are just :flop: tbh.

Oh my god, I know the feeling. You feel rushed getting new stuff out, and then when you try to make things, they're total flops (In your own eyes, anyway). But trust me, all of your work is stunning.


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Thanks. :)

Also, if anyone has any ideas on who I should use on sigs, post them, because I'm gonna try to have the rest of the new stuff up tonight.


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