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ARTPOP Tour [ stage & concept ]


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So we had The Glitter Way in the Monster Ball 2.0 and we had the huge-ass motherf*cking castle :legend: in the Born This Way Ball. So what's in store for us for the ARTPOP Ball Tour?

You can post pictures of your ideas and describe what concept you think might be applied to this tour. :unicorn: I will be posting up my ideas soon!

Discuss my lovelies :classy:

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I want a stage with a giant unicorn on it, like huge! The size of the btwb castle. And when the music starts, the stomach opens up and gaga and her dancers come out and start performing! Kinda like the story of troy :flutter: So this unicorn is basically the main prop of the show.

And his name will be ''Roberto'' , he will have neon green hair with rainbow hooves ! And the interludes will be projected on its body. And at the end of the show the horse's hair blazes into fire

edit: ouff, reading it now..My idea.. :toofunny:

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gone to jupiter


I wanted to bring elements of The Fame Ball, Monster Ball, and BTWBall, so I included:

Fame Ball's circle things (Not sure what they were called, but I remember Gaga having these circles she would stand on lol.)

Monster Ball's catwalk and the rough looking stage edges

Born This Way Ball's Monster Pit.

The Monster Pit was kind of cut open because I think Gaga's show audience are ALL in the Monster Pit since really everybody has a great time at her shows.

The Yellow squares you see are the areas of the stage that lowers, and the green parts are screens.

The green circles move up and down while having videos playing, so maybe Gaga could try Beyonce's amazing performances when she has to move along with the screens to create illusions.

The white circles are for the live band.

I imagine such crazy lighting as well lol.

So many ideas just fly into my head when I see this stage :flutter:

*I posted this in another thread lol.*

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We know like nothing about the album though...

Doesn't hurt to imagine though. If she reads these forums one of our ideas might be used

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