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Ariana Grande “yes, and?” remix featuring Mariah Carey


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We talk about it all night long, we define our moral ground, but when I crawl into your arms, everything comes tumbling down
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Almost as bad as that Britney remix of s&m… Im still gonna give them a couple pity streams here and there to support

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I LOVE it. But… 100% the mix is way off. The parts where they stacked Mariah on top of Ari are way too forward in the mix. It’s like they didn’t want to adjust Ari’s volume in the mix so they just made Mariah LOUDER. And then the way they stacked the adlibs could’ve been better. Just take out some of Ari’s so it can breathe. I’ll prob filter it and play with it at some point

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Ya'll are SO hard to please. The remix is gorgeous. Mariah's tone and vocals are so pleasing on the ear and complement Ari's beautifully ❤️ 

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The Fame Monster

Iconic! When will Gaga and Madonna?

Find your freedom in the music
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