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Ariana Grande “yes, and?” remix featuring Mariah Carey


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24 minutes ago, Teletubby said:

we won @River finger2.thumb.gif.4ad3b711c531397e462c6043490afafa.gif

Omgggg :firega:

I'm working late, cause I'm a puta
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Why did the arianators let me dream? :bradley:

If you see me posting like crazy, I'm either bored or procrastinating.
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M i K E Y

Ok this is gonna be the gayest this year so far I’m living for it 

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Mister G

This entire weekend is going to be super gay. Between Beyonce's new music, this remix and Dula Peep's release. Mi gente, in 2024 we celebrate PRIDE everyday and every month.

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There were rumors about Gaga being featured on this remix and even if she’s perfect for the song and she loves Ariana, I just never believed it’d happen. :icant: She’s just not gonna use the pre album hype to be featured on a remix. 

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Oh my gosh yassss

checkout my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5iGoXYpXnIfLHH1o7H9lxA
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Omg Mariah finally doing a fully upbeat 90s cvnty song, honestly she’s about to get another #1 from this

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I’m so ****ing hyped for this!!! It’s gonna be iconic.

Imagine having a Madonna sample and then Mariah on the song. I’m impressed Ariana. Also, Mariah is gonna sound phenomenal in this song. 

When we're not together tell me everything's gonna be alright
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An unnecessary remix for a dead song. 

I will fly on a challenger across the sky like a phoenix..
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