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1. Lana Del Rey (10.5k minutes)

2. Lady Gaga (1.9k minutes)

3. Arctic Monkeys (1.4k minutes)

4. Taylor Swift (1.3k minutes)

5. Ariana Grande (900 minutes)



1. A&W

2. Peppers

3. The Grants

4. Let The Light In

5. Grandfather…

etc etc

without Lana’s album which takes all of my top songs it would be

1. Melanie Martinez - DEATH

2. Troye Sivan - Rush

3. Olivia Rodrigo - Vampire

4. Taylor Swift - Karma

5. Taylor Swift - False God

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11 minutes ago, PoshLife said:

If I'm honest, I don't listen to her much, I just really like that one song :laughga: I should really listen to her other songs though, she's a great artist. Do you have any song recs?

These songs from the band named Garbage:

- Only Happy When It Rains

- Queer

- Why Do You Love Me

- Breaking Up the Girl

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11 minutes ago, Cello said:

1. MJ

2. Arctic Monkeys 


I got an artist message from Miles Kane:cello2: and Taylor Swift despite not listening to her:patrizia:

I had a hole in the pocket of my favourite coat And my love for @Juanlittlem dropped into the lining
  • LMAO 1
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Ladle Ghoulash
2 hours ago, Butters Stotch said:

My top 5:

1. Janelle Monáe

2. Caroline Polachek

3. Beyoncé

4. Róisín Murphy

5. Jessie Ware

I'm just a gay :vegas:

Edit: It's also the first time in 5 years that Gaga doesn't show up on my top 5. I was shocked, but I think this probably has to do with her not releasing any music this year :alsemanche:

The taste has been detected!!! 

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Top 5:

1. Kylie (top 2% listener lol)

2. Gaga

3. Paramore

4. Miley

5. Gorillaz

Top 5 songs:

1. Paramore - Running Out of Time

2. Miley - @River

3. Paramore - C’est Comme Ça

4. Kylie - Magic

5. Miley - Flowers


I find it weird that magic won over padam padam, it's not even in the top 5 lol

I'm working late, cause I'm a puta
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