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ATRL insider: “2024 will be difficult for OGH’s”


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One of ATRL’s credible insiders, RideOrDie, has weighed in on Gaga’s recording studio pic… 👀


Let’s go, girls! We got clown **** to do l!


unless LG7 bombs into oblivion, in which case OGH will have a field day :traumatica:




Signature loading… 👹🖤
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Just now, Agunimon said:

When Stef is posting threads you know something is coming

"SoOn!" :trollga:

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I'm gonna drink OGH's tears tonight, I'm gonna drink OGH's tears and cry (of joy) 

If you see me posting like crazy, I'm either bored or procrastinating.
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RideOrDie is usually correct with smaller artists so I would reserve expectations, but people here trust anyone with 10+ followers on twitter (6a6a etc) so :bear:

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Joanne tossed her cowboy hat and is flying back to Earth from Chromatica after a brief stop at G.O.A.T., a Government Owned Alien Territory in Space. The Aliens there boosted streams of Bloody Marry and Heavy Metal Lover to celebrate the defeat of Operation: Kill the Bitch. Upon landing, wigs will be sent flown out of the atmosphere at likes which have never been seen before. Mother Monster is coming, be prepared.

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