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A-list popboy to announce retirement: Gaga?


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I'm sorry to break the news guys.. It's Shawn Mendes. He's leaving music for a while to move to a more remote country and spend some time with his secret boyfriend away from the celebrity lifestyle and limelight (It's New Zealand and me) 

I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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4 hours ago, VTV said:

Bruno Mars or sth

I think Bruno has an album coming out soon tho so it can’t be him. 

it’s probably JB. 

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Tbh I always think it's a mistake for an artist to announce an official "hiatus"... like you're rich, you can just retreat and live your life and make music again when you feel like it.  Why put extra pressure on yourself to define a sort of "period" ?  It always just seems like an attempt to be transparent with their fans.  But we see artists like Lorde and Adele regularly disappear for years at a time and nobody seems to doubt them or get angry about a "lack of transparency".

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15 hours ago, Melancholia said:

i'd say shawn's likely. he just cancelled an entire tour and you don't do that if it isn't serious.

he’s A list?

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