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Your favorite Lana Del Rey song, from this list


Favorite song?   

59 members have voted

  1. 1. Title.

    • Carmen
    • Cola
    • Cruel World
    • Music To Watch Boys To
    • White Mustang
    • Love Song
    • White Dress
    • Blue Banisters
    • A&W
    • Say Yas To Heaven

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Cruel World. Easy choice. That song puts me in probably my most memorable and (second most) nostalgic point in my life. And also sounds the best, in my opinion!!

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I read the first half of the title and was like yeah no way can I pick one favourite :toofunny:

Then I saw there was options to pick from and was like okay yeah this could be easier :flutter:

Then read the options and was like yeah no way can I pick one favourite :toofunny:

So I'm picking four: Cola, Cruel World, Love Song and White Dress :flutter:

Cola for obvious reasons I mean come on, the lyrics, the melodies, the guitars in the outro.. Cruel World because I LOOOOVE the guitar and soft rock vibes it brings, and Love Song and White Dress because of the delicateness, they hit me in the feels HARD, remind me of summer time and bring such an overarching sense of nostalgia to me

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I only listened to A&W for the first time recently and it's a masterpiece. Listening to it the first time and reading the lyrics gave me chills and made me feel many emotions.

But Cola takes the cake in this pol simply for sentimental purposes. She's been with me during all my phases of life for over a decade

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Damn the last 4 are like my favorite songs of all time it was very hard to pick one but I think White Dress is just soooooo pretty 

chaeri pls
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Music To Watch Boys To, I even got a tattoo from this one, because pink flamingos always fascinated me :flower:


And then, literally 2 months later, flamingos became super popular, and people thought I'm ultra basic, because I've got one tattooed, but I never really cared

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White Mustang - the beat building up progressively, and the whistling at the end. So beautiful and satisfying! :giveup:

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Music to Watch Boys to

omg. On release day, it was SO HOT here. We ended up getting this WILD storm. The rain drops were so large it almost looked like hail. I remember listening for the first time during this storm, watching the rain fall and gracefully rolling down the window. As hard as it was raining, the drops of rain like it was just so, it really was graceful looking. The song’s vibe just matched the moment. I’ll never forget it 

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